A Little Room in History

While I describe myself primarily as a speculative fiction writer, I do occasionally write historical fiction (or spec-fic with historic elements) and also have an academic background in historic architecture and in the settlement of the American West. When it comes to writing about the past, it’s key to stop (a lot more often than you’d expect, really) and ask yourself “how did they do x back then?” or “did x exist in that decade?” Continue reading

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Trust & Treachery Pre-order

For fans of intrigue, my story “Listener” is included in the “Trust and Treachery” anthology which is due out this July. It’s available for pre-order. While I have stories already out in two other collections (“Out of Time” and “In a Land Far Away”), this one was actually my first official fiction sale. It’s a large collection, so publication has taken a couple of years since my piece was accepted. In the meantime, I’m working on submissions for the next two anthologies planned by the Minnows Literary Guild and am also working on my manuscript for the Taos Toolbox workshop this summer.

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Moving Day

Moving day has come and gone – at last. The house went on the market back in November. I was so excited, I started packing then. We had a new house picked out, and I dreamed of it for four months while I gradually packed up an entire household’s worth of items. Unpacking happened in just under three weeks, and the new house is a writer’s dream: an oasis of relative quiet after years spent in a bustling neighborhood on a busy street.

In lieu of putting up routine blog posts, I’ve been working on a manuscript for Taos Toolbox and submitting short stories thither and yon. “Trust and Treachery” is scheduled to be out next month and should make an appearance at Balticon. Alas, I won’t be able to make it to the convention but am excited that the anthology will soon be available. My story in it, “Listener,” is one my better pieces (if I do say so myself).

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The Power of Paper

I was listening to an older episode of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing and ran across an interview with Neil Gaiman. He noted the difficulty of writing when one’s computer offers so many avenues for distraction (from the internet to spider solitaire). He suggested switching the internet off or writing for a while with pen and paper.

Pen and paper. Continue reading

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Tales of Good Fortune

At the start of December I sent an application to the novel-writing workshop Taos Toolbox. A few days before Christmas, I found out that I’d been accepted. Despite the lack of exclamation points thus far, I’m extremely excited. I’m really pleased I got in, and owe a debt of thanks to my critique group (the Minnows), who worked really hard to make sure my application and writing sample were up to par. Continue reading

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